Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Chords RELEASED!

There it is, on deadmau5' official channel. (Shorter version)

Most likely to be on new album, was first played at UMF 2010, first played officially by Pete Tong yesterday (30/04/2010)

Part of the video seems to be cut off, but this seems to be the radio edit. The version he played at Coachella was ~8 mins long. (See posts on Coachella / UMF 2010)

Yet again, this is my personal favorite from the mau5, but enjoy, and we will keep you posted on it...

Update; Official album artwork from,
Update 2, even bigger size, thanks a lot to Mattieboy360 on The Daft Club

(too big to fit on blog)


  1. Yeah I was looking for it on Beatport. Maybe Monday?

    btw 30/04/2010 not 30/05/2010 ;-)

  2. Well the description on the youtube video kind of implies now, but oh well.

  3. oh, yeah, cheers for pointing that out. lol