Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alone With You

Another classic hit, over 4000 plays in the last six months on '', is one of his chill out songs. Although its not a 100% cool and calm song, it is still a song that any fan of 'Kaskade' or 'Glenn Morrison' would enjoy.

Amazing track that fits in anywhere, a club, a movie, working out, or even to put you to sleep. Its just one of those songs that helps you do what you gotta do.

Its a work of art in its own way, if your already a fan of Deadmau5, you like this track without even listening to it!

The 'Alone With You EP' is available on iTunes for $1.98 (CDN) and includes the original mix of "Alone With You" and the "Adam Shaw's Pretentious Mix".

Not Exactly / We Fail

His fifth official EP (solo), one of his finest. The hit track "Not Exactly" has become his most noticeable track, and been featured on endless lists of mixes and compilations.

With nearly 25000 plays of the hit "Not Exactly" in 6 months on his '' page it is easy to see that it is a huge hit to all of his fans. Some say it is what truly blew up his career as a Electronic artist.

The flip side track "We Fail" has recieved less attention then its 'big brother', but to my ears is another work of art from the Mau5.

Any way you say it, or listen to it, its easy to see why it is so popular. Give it a listen, your more then likely to enjoy it!

The EP is available on iTunes for $1.98 (CDN$), and includes both tracks "Not Exactly" and "We Fail".