Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deadmau5 Live at Earl's Court DVD

News of this has been poking around for a while. Ultra records are set to release a DVD of video from Deadmau5' acclaimed performance at Earl's Court, London, in the UK, from 18th December 2010.

This was one of his biggest shows with 18,000 attendees, and a slightly bigger production with his cube. He also used a new "holodesk" control panel for some mixing.

Currently, I can only find it on US sites, and as it is from Ultra records one could assume it will only be released in the USA.

Click on the image up top to see the trailer.

As for the mau5 at this moment in time, he is on vacation in Ibiza, however he is set to produce a brand new live show, presumably for his Meowingtons Hax tour in America from July onwards.

From Deadmau5' Facebook:
"also in the news, i've thought out / sketched up the design and concepts for the new stage for the new live show / tours, which is defo going to one up the cube thing. problem is, we only have 4 weeks to actually make it and produce the content for it. Gotta love doing things at the last possible minute. ARGH!"

Assuming Mr. Zimmerman finishes this on time...I look forward to seeing videos of the new setup in America...and more importantly, seeing him live in the UK again. ASAP.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Victoria Park, LED Festival - I was there!

Well well, LED Festival. Quite a spectacle. I can say the mau5 was the highlight of my trip. Just a few quick impressions, the show goes MUCH too quickly. The lighting all seems much more vivid than you see in videos, and it really is IMPRESSIVE. And just in case you had any shred of doubt, yes it was a great musical experience.

Anyway, what do I have to share? The only picture I took which is mau5 related, well what is a mau5 without his cube?

Videos! Just call me Mr. Shakycam.

He played some newish stuff. He played Deer Bus. Or, that's the WIP name people are likely to remember.

Aural Psynapse, another relatively new...well...rework.

Any more videos and this post will get too long so if you want to watch the few other videos I took which are of any decency go to my channel at :


Monday, June 6, 2011

Feed Me "To The Stars" / Skrillex "More Monsters and Sprites" Release info

You can buy "To the Stars" at beatport now.

1. To the Stars
2. Strange Behavior ft. Tasha Baxter
3. Pink Lady
4. Chain Smoker

In my opinion, his best EP yet. Feed Me songs just have that great warmth about them, and that perfect production quality. Mau5, look out!

And just a mention, there's a new beatport beta out, I got given 2 free codes by beatport. Why not go test the beta while buying the new EPs?


Finders keepers to whoever sees this post first!

Edit: It's your lucky day! 2 more beta codes donated to me kindly by Senkus..


And finally, a new Skrillex EP, More Monsters and Sprites.

Mostly a remix EP, but there are 3 new tracks on it to quench your Skrillex thirst.

1. First of the Year [Equinox]
2. Ruffneck Bass (Flex)
3. Ruffneck Bass (FULL Flex)
4. Scary Monsters n Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix)
5. Scary Monsters n Nice Sprites (Phonat Remix)
6. Scary Monsters n Nice Sprites (Juggernaut Remix)
7. Scary Monsters n Nice Sprites (Kaskade Remix)

The versions of Ruffneck Bass aren't the original Ruffneck Bass...which is disappointing, but Skrillex has confirmed we might see it at a later date..

Ironically, this release isn't on mau5trap. It's on Big Beat / Atlantic. So I can't support it by giving you a link, can I?

Oh well.

Also just a shoutout about Skrillex's new collaboration with Foreign Beggars..."Still Gettin' It".