Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moguai - Optinuum (MAU5032) OUT ON MAU5TRAP NOW

Moguai had a short run out of mau5trap at both Skint and SIZE records, however he's now back with a new single with a style similar to 8001 / Stay Planetary. The single also comes with remix parts for all the budding artists out there. Moguai is also said to be doing a compilation for mau5trap soon.

Buy it here at beatport from MAU5TRAP:

Meanwhile a reiteration - deadmau5 is unlikely to be releasing any content until his next album, possibly halfway through the year. Until then mau5trap releases are becoming more and more frequent, so be sure to check back for any info.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deadmau5 working on new content THAT WON'T BE LEAKED!

Deadmau5 has stated via his Facebook that he is now going to work on new material that will not be leaked or released as singles for a long time. For a long time of course he has always wanted to create a completely "new" album, and this could be the start of a very long time with no activity from the mau5...however, expect a burst of new material when he is finished!


Also in deadmau5 news... Not to give them more publicity but deadmau5' old song See You Next Tuesday has been "sampled" by the band Neon Hitch in their song "Can't Behave Myself". See deadmau5' facebook for his reaction...