Saturday, July 31, 2010

Get well soon!

We hope for you to feel and get better soon Joel! Your fans are here and hoping for your return to good health!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

SPECULATION - What can we expect to be in Deadmau5' new album?

So mostly, Deadmau5 has been doing live sets at the moment. This means he's previewed a lot of new stuff, from his time in a studio (in Los Angeles?) making songs. Due to the lack of a lot of mau5 news, here's a roundup of the tracks that probably will / might be in the new album.


Confirmed name


First seen – Ultra Music Festival 2010

Some Chords at Coachella

Promotion on youtube

Place in current hooked set – 1st

Link to beatport - mau5trap europe / ultra america


Confirmed name

Before vocals were added, this song was called You Need a Ladder.

First seen – Performed with live drums and vocals at Ultra Music Festival 2010 / Coachella 2010

Sofi Needs a Ladder at Coachella

Place in current hooked set – 2nd


Confirmed name

First seen – Coachella 2010

Cthulhu Sleeps at Coachella

Place in current hooked set – 3rd


Fan name - taken from lyrics

First seen – Coachella 2010

Hard Selection (no crowd noises; artwork is not official)

Place in current hooked set – 5th


Fan / WIP name (Dub5tepthingie)

First seen – Ultra Music Festival 2010 / Soundcloud - versions 1 to 3, there are 4 versions, 3rd version is played live

Place in current hooked set – N/A


Fan name

First seen – Ultra Music Festival 2010

Moonlight Sonata Esque as played at UMF 2010 (longer version)

Moonlight Sonata Esque as played in hooked sets (shorter version)

Place in current hooked set – 10th


Confirmed name; aka Sleeping Beauty Pills - (old name for song; see here for first version)

First seen – Bonnaroo Music Festival 2010 / Soundcloud - not full version, start and end of song

Industrial Strength Sleeping Pills at The Fillmore, Detroit. (not full song, see bonnaroo recording for full song)

Place in current hooked set – Encore


Confirmed / fan name

First seen – 2009 live sets / Mountford Hall Liverpool 2010 encore

October as played at the Mountford Hall in Liverpool in his 2010 UK hooked tour

Place in current hooked set – Encore


No name - appears to be deadmau5' popular remix of Orlando Voorn's "Paco Di Bango's World", without the vocals. Hasn't been played since UMF, however could be released, as the remix won't be released.

First seen – Ultra Music Festival 2010

The song as performed at UMF 2010

(Skip to 5:35 in video)

Place in current hooked set – N/A

BONUS - At Play Volume 3 out now on Beatport / CD

As explained before, 10 of deadmau5' old tracks, but by no means bad. A must have for any deadmau5 fan.

Link to beatport

AND another thing...

Yet another preview on deadmau5' soundcloud. Not much known about this track, but give it a listen...


Monday, July 19, 2010

Double Rainbow / Moguai's "Oyster"

First of all, a track made with modulars...And incorporating vocals from a popular meme.

It's pretty nice in the meantime while we wait for various tracks to be released...

Deadmau5 has also been recording a bit more with some other female interest...aka SOFI (Sofi Needs a Ladder). This is expected to be released soon, and on the new album.

Other than that, there is no news on deadmau5 as such, he is still on tour in America currently, still playing new tracks such as Some Chords,
Industrial Strength Sleeping Pills, Cthulhu Sleeps and Sofi Needs a Ladder.


Next, I'll plug a bit more for MOGUAI / Mau5trap...A new release on Mau5trap, Moguai's Oyster, which was on his new album We Ar Lyve. A new remix that is an edit he played "lyve" at Brixton while he was with Deadmau5 on tour in the UK.

There's also a remix by Michael Woods, who remixed Strobe and I Said, and the original mix.

Link to beatport