Monday, April 26, 2010

Old ghosts 'n' stuff / Moguai's new album

Ghosts 'n' stuff. It should instantly occur to you as a deadmau5 classic.

It has gone through many versions...

The first instrumental version was released around 2008...and is his most known version, possibly the best known of his tracks.

Then last year he re-released Ghosts 'n' Stuff with vocals from Rob Swire from Pendulum, and was finally put on his album For Lack of a Better Name. It also had remixes from Nero, Sub Focus and also packaged with the instrumental mix.

But why do I make this post?

Enjoy 2 early versions of deadmau5' ghosts n stuff (Packaged into one track)

The first actually sounds quite different, although overall the music is the same.
The second was first heard on a video called photoshoots n stuff, and in my opinion is the best version of GnS I've heard.

Moguai - We Ar Lyve released!

On a mau5trap related note, you can now get We Ar Lyve on iTunes
or on Beatport
...and on CD.

1. LSD
2. Zyvox
3. Impereal
4. Flex, Rex, Mansion
5. Oyster
6. Blau
7. Nyce
8. Electra
9. Ataque
10. Lyve
Bonus Tracks:
11. DSFH
12. Dubwater
13. Nu Disco

As a quick review of the album, it kicks off with a great ambient track "LSD" which is quite reminiscent of deadmau5' "Bored of canada"..and continues onto previously released ZYVOX (A great house track) and Impereal (also released).

Next is Flex, Rex, Mansion which has vocals and is quite impressive. Oyster, Blau and Nyce all show off Moguai's usual electro style which has nice rolling synths.

Electra and Ataque are both tracks with nice stabbing synths that make a good end to the album.

The album soon ends with Lyve, which pretty much sums up the album. It has a good feel.

You also get 3 digital bonus tracks buying the album online.

I certainly didn't know this was coming when Moguai first released ZYVOX on mau5trap. Very cool album and best of luck to Moguai.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back To An Epic Event

Holy posts batman..? Right? lol Well me being caught up with recent events, I've been pretty busy and freaked out over the recent events, just amazing.

Im very thankful, but I was not given the pleasure to see this amazing gig, so bringing information to you for the third (and probably not the last) time, I give you the Coachella gig once again..

I was too caught up to mention the fantastic pictures that Rukes (occasional photographer for Deadmau5) had taken at the gig.

These pics are awesome, and show probably the finest details of the gig, hope you guys enjoy.

Check out the full set HERE.

Don't forget to check out for the pre-concert pictures, and many many other pictures from past gigs from the mau5 and other great artists!

Click HERE to go to now!

Thanks for the sweet pictures Rukes, we will all be following your photographic journey!

*UPDATE And we most certainly will be following your fine pictures for the sets you are taking pictures for the Deadmau5 European tour!
You can certainly expect posts in relation to those sets coming later next month!

Keeping you updated,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Forgotten Mau5 Remix?

Just kidding. :p This isn't the most well known remix by the Mau5 out there, but it is certainly an addictive one. After noticing several friends of mine that listen to a lot of the Mau5 not know this track, I had to share it! This is a nice cool progressive remix, similar sounding to the remix he made for Morgan Page's hit; "Longest Road"

Its probably a bit more basic than we are used to, but I find myself playing it in my head all the time.

This remix, according to iTunes, was released Jan 27 2009.

Available for purchase on; iTunes HERE , and Beatport HERE

Here is a free full length preview;

Enjoy, keep it classy,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Deadmau5 – Coachella 2010 track roundup

vv Don't miss the posts below this one! vv

Recently, there has been alot of attention with the LED Mau5head revealed at Coachella. It is impressive, but I best know deadmau5 for his tunes. So what of the tunes?

Some Chords (working title)

This was first played at UMF 2010. Still my personal favorite. And still brilliant.

New track - Cthulu Sleeps *EXCLUSIVE TITLE*
(guessed title, Joel did mention 'Cthulu' in the song title, whether or not it was the same name he mentioned via facebook/twitter is another question..)

An interesting track. I like it alot. NOTE: This is only about partway into the song, here is the beginning.

Another new track (no info on name)

You Need a Ladder (with Tommy Lee on drums and Sofi Toufa on vocals)

No live vocals or drums, but is still a cool song.

This is all I've managed to find on Youtube at the moment - MASSIVE thanks to those who uploaded these videos.

Moguai - We Ar Lyve

You can now get Moguai's We Ar Lyve at beatport - official release date is 26/04/2010.

Moguai's Nyce Remix competition.

If you like Moguai and you like remixing...Might be a good time to get involved!

Have a "nyce" day


I Hung Out With Deadmau5

Excuse the bad pic of me, but thats ME and Deadmau5!

This is another fine reason as to why Deadmau5 has gained to be the best. Helping out a fan get to see his biggest idol.

Me, in the middle of playing Call Of Duty, get a phone call.. "5uck It!" Joel calls me, asks me whats up.

He picks me up in his car, and we all go down backstage to the gig in Newfoundland Canada.

We hung out for a bit, waited for the other DJ to finish, then once we got the cue we all went down to the stage area, and got the party started.

He opened with the
acappella of Ghosts N Stuff which he then mixed into a new track I believe he called; "Cthulhu Sleeps" Amazing track full of hypnotic bass that really got the crowd going.

There wasn't too much I knew he played as most of it was brand new, but some classics he did play were; I Said, Not Exactly, Ghosts N Stuff vs Moar Ghosts N Stuff, some new amazing mix of Sometimes Things Get Whatever, and of course Hi Friend. Just to name a few.

It was a fantastic night for me, and for the crowd he certainly did please everyone, the set was amazing.

I would personally like to thank everyone for this, especially Joel and Paul for being soo cool about it. I had an amazing night, and the gig was fantastic.

Keep It Mau5y,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

LED Head In Full Action

*photo credit Simscube of

and here is a clear close up of "sometimes things get whatever" notice the mouth move with the words. High amounts of animation!


Thats right! You heard it and have seen it here! The new Mau5 set includes a full stage created by the folks who made the Daft Punk pyramid, and to top it off, a brand new LED mau5 head.

Seen in this video, a full backstage LED stick carpet, a 'box' shape of LED tubes, and the masterpiece the LED Mau5 Head! Now in this video we only see the mau5 outline on the head, we are told that the head it self is capeabul of doing tuns of effects, hence the reason for no eyes on the head.

Here is the head without the lights activated;

Stay tuned for up to date information! As soon as we get it, we post it!