Friday, February 25, 2011

Deadmau5 Live show at L.E.D Festival tickets at Victoria Park now on sale

Info here:

Early bird tickets are available here:

EDIT: More info on the show - it might be a whole new show, or an extension:-

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Actually, here's some news...

Well, that's that. This singer is new to me, but there appears to be a collaboration in the works here. We'll inform on any new news of that collaboration as soon as it happens...

Also, at a recent show in Vegas, the mau5 appeared to show off a shiny new mau5head (or it certainly looks like it)

It reminds me of this one:

Also, some more videos from the show:

The song that was once named 4x4=12 (not the album) is pretty much confirmed to be called Maths.

According to his twitter he played some "new bangers" at this show.

The earl's court Deadmau5 USB

The new USB with the full HD video of Deadmau5' Earl's Court performance is now up for sale. Great for those who missed out on the UK tour - this was one of his biggest performances yet.

And here is the new deadmau5 store, featuring collectibles, shirts, and pretty much all merchandise you could ever want:

Featured on the new Deadmau5 USB are some unreleased mixes, including his new mix of FML, aptly named "FML Again"

Deadmau5 live at Victoria Park, London

Deadmau5 will be returning to the UK this June for one more show - at Victoria Park in London, outdoors.

Preorders for tickets go live on ticketmaster 25th February 2011.

And finally, I leave you with some studio stuff that he never released. This was from ustream.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A soundcloud track...."Derp"

You know things are bad when you have to blog about a song simply called "Derp."

Dubsteppy track.

In the absence of other news, do check out all his other songs on there. They're not full songs, but they're always full of mau5 cleverness and brilliance. Catchy for the most part.
Also on there is the full version of mau5' track Limit Break, his recent opener at most shows.

Skrillex, Steve Duda, and Feed Me also have soundcloud accounts, among other popular electronic artists; it's a great way for posting snippets of music, etc, so do check them all out...
Some also have dropboxes so you can send them promos, or just things you want to show them.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whats the Mau5 up to?

Well we have all come to question right now.. what is the Mau5 up to? We haven't heard much from him lately right? Well.. thats very right. Because for the first time in a long time Joel is taking it slower.. and doing what he does best. Doing work. Hes making music and keeping relaxed. Hes stepped down from the busy tours, and is taking some quality time home and around to get some stuff done.. but of course also doing the stuff he is infamous for..

Great times for sure, we love our mau5. And whats the best we can do right now? Take a break.. lets give him his time. We all know how much he deserves it. Hes really excited to put something out there that none of us have heard.. the more we wait.. the greater the anticipation.. the bigger the drop it will be when he releases it.

He recently did a livestream the other day, and he played some stuff he was working on.. we won't be posting that here as we kinda want to be making that build up for unreleased stuff..

But thats all for now folks, just know that he is busy doing his own thing. And when we do get any news on him, you can count on Mau5 It Up to bring it to with the greatest of quality! ;)