Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whats the Mau5 up to?

Well we have all come to question right now.. what is the Mau5 up to? We haven't heard much from him lately right? Well.. thats very right. Because for the first time in a long time Joel is taking it slower.. and doing what he does best. Doing work. Hes making music and keeping relaxed. Hes stepped down from the busy tours, and is taking some quality time home and around to get some stuff done.. but of course also doing the stuff he is infamous for..

Great times for sure, we love our mau5. And whats the best we can do right now? Take a break.. lets give him his time. We all know how much he deserves it. Hes really excited to put something out there that none of us have heard.. the more we wait.. the greater the anticipation.. the bigger the drop it will be when he releases it.

He recently did a livestream the other day, and he played some stuff he was working on.. we won't be posting that here as we kinda want to be making that build up for unreleased stuff..

But thats all for now folks, just know that he is busy doing his own thing. And when we do get any news on him, you can count on Mau5 It Up to bring it to with the greatest of quality! ;)


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