Sunday, December 26, 2010

Feed Me's Big Adventure on mau5trap

Happy Christmas, or more appropriately have a good up and coming New Year! Mau5trap had a christmas present lined up for you...Feed Me's Big Adventure.

Released 25/12/10

2. Silicone Lube
3. Grand Theft Ecstasy
4. Muscle Rollers (w/ Kill The Noise)
5. Cloudburn (feat. Tasha Baxter)
8. Talk To Me

Feed Me (aka Spor, Jon Gooch) previously released The Spell / Raw Chicken on mau5trap. Can't stop listening to this album / EP. Will be released everywhere other than beatport around January 25th 2011.

Also, if you need a free taster of Feed Me, he recently released the track "Jodie" for free. Deadmau5 has also shown support for this song.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holiday5

Hello from the staff here at Mau5 It Up!

To get things started we want to apologize for the lack up updates recently, December is a busy time for us all.. the winter season is now here and it time for us all to take a nice holiday break.

We have had tuns of great things happen this year and we are very appreciative of all of them.We strongly look forward to the upcoming 2011 year, and we look forward to bringing more exclusive content, along with a new modern design for the blog.

On a Deadmau5 related note; Deadmau5 has performed several gigs in the UK recently for his holiday tour, recently arriving home. He has featured several new songs, visuals, and a new touch screen display for the tour. Very excited to be following him for the next series of shows he does, as well as a gig for new years eve!

He recently released a nice new song to share for us all as a holiday gift titled; "Limit Break"
It is available now for free on his soundcloud;
  Deadmau5 - Limit Break by fuckmylife
But due to the high popularity, its also available on Mediafire for free of course, uploaded by Joel himself. So no need to worry about the legitimacy.

Download Track Here (for free)

Thats all for now mau5 fan5, we look forward to serving you later in the new year, and can't wait to get started on something new for you all.

As always, follow your favorite artist on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.

And don't forget to follow your favorite blog too! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


If only this were a 100th post, it would be more fitting...


1. Continuous Mix
2. Some Chords
3. SOFI Needs a Ladder
4. A City In Florida
5. Bad Selection
6. Animal Rights (w. Wolfgang Gartner)
7. I Said (Michael Woods Remix)
8. Cthulhu Sleeps
9. Right This Second
10. Raise Your Weapon
11. One Trick Pony
12. Everything Before

Some Chords, the epic electro banger that held no.1 of the beatport charts for a while earlier this year...

SOFI Needs a Ladder, the vocalized edit of the bassy, staple song of deadmau5 and sofi...

then A City in Florida, formerly deadmau5' remix of Paco Di Bango's World from Orlando Voorn, an epic live song.

Bad Selection, the fun song formerly known as Hard Selection...

Animal Rights, really catchy, great synths, best played loud.

Michael Woods' Remix of I Said, the original synthy collaboration between deadmau5 and chris lake, now turned into a fast progressive journey...

Cthulhu Sleeps is the "techie banger" which has been echoing around deadmau5' live sets to great acclaim...

Right This Second, formerly Moonlight Sonata Esque / Atrium is progressive and epic.

Raise Your Weapon is the song with vocals by Greta Svabo Bech. Staple deadmau5 progressive chords lead up to an explosive dubstep finish.

One Trick Pony again takes SOFI's complimentary vocals and again employs deadmau5' take on dubstep...

and to end, Everything Before, an overlooked song from 2007, with some epic beats ending deadmau5' newest, and arguably best album.



Friday, December 3, 2010

Winner of the SOFI Needs a Ladder Remix Competiton...

MosDam is the winner of the SOFI Needs a Ladder Remix competition, with a tech sounding remix.

Here is the 30 Min mix that won him the competition, judged by Deadmau5 & co. Lots of reworks of deadmau5 songs in there...

Buy on Beatport (the remix, that is.)