Thursday, April 16, 2009

Full New Track Released On MySpace

Check out his MySpace now to listen to his new track "Failbait".

Seems to be an experimental track, more similar to his "Get Scrapped" era of music. Which seems to be his less popular. We will have to see how well this track does..

As for me, I am not a big fan of his new track. I was never a big fan of his 'experimental' side of music. It is a very reppetitive song, which you probably are thinking "well duhh..", but I find the most that is repetitive is not something that attracts my taste. Though I'm sure there is people that love the track, I'm just not a fan.

Thanks to Joe aka "B.E.A.S.M" from for the info.

Greatest Hits Album?

I was browsing through Beatport today and I noticed a new album by Deadmau5! I realised almost instantly that all of the tracks had been released before.. plus that it was released on a label that is already known for.. lets say taking its time to release something.

The album is called "It Sounds Like", located HERE on It has 19 tracks, and it has a very similar track list to his essential mix that he made back in July 08'.

While this isn't something to freak out over, it is something worth checking out. It has lots of his best tracks, and for $16.99 on for 19 tracks.. thats a good deal. Considering the fact that most tracks cost $2.49 each!

Deadmau5 Wins 2 Beatport Music Awards!

Deadmau5 has just won both awards that he was nominated for at the Beatport music awards.

He won;

Best Electro House Artist

Best Progressive House Artist

Congrats Deadmau5!!
View the official results to leave a comment, and see other artists that participated/won.

View official results.

ps. A congrats are also in order for Deadmau5' friend, Kaskade who won 3rd place for best house artist.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


In Toronto Ontario Canada!! New track "Soma" is in his newest live video, uploaded today on the official Deadmau5 youtube page!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Videos Uploaded!

Deadmau5 himself has added 10 new videos to his youtube page!

Some are the normal funny random videos we all enjoy from the Mau5, and some live performances!!

Be sure to check them out!