Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Mau5Head!! ..another one!

Well thats right, ANOTHER variation of the mau5head!! This time we have something the most unique compared to the others. Blue head, yellow eyes, white mouth, and black ears!! Now to me, this is by far the most pimpin' mau5head there has been yet! I am a big fan of the style.

..don't you just love that new mau5head smell?

Well all we got to say down here at Mau5ItUp is that we hope this is the final one before we get to see this infamous LED Mau5Head!!

moar pics at

Thanks to SimsCube on TheDaftClub for spotting it first!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Part One

Part 2 Click Here
New Mau5Head Infoz!

Mau5Had Info in video starting 3 minutes in

This is 100% confirmation! We now know this beautiful Mau5Head is going to be intense! He wanted to have it for Halloween, but it wasn't ready in time. [SPECULATION] He is more then likely going to wait to use it for New Years! [/SPECULATION]

Monitors in the head means he is most likely not taking this one off during his sets!

in other news..


From Joel himself, says he has content ready for a new artist album. What does this mean? 100% original content! Nothing you have heard before!!

He says he is about a third finished the album, you have to know that there is a lot more to an album then just putting some tracks together.. he, and many other people will have to be busy to get something together that quick!

UPDATE; Had several things push me to believe that YOU NEED A LADDER is on the upcoming album!

Keep Posted For Moar Info'z!!

thanks to Mau5Man on thedaftclub for the link!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dr.Funkenstein REMIXES

Thats right! That classic tune from 'Vexillology', Dr.Funkenstein (more then likely you have heard it without knowing.. and randomly start singing "drfnkstein" in your head). Its a very addictive track.. and not very new. haha

But Play records, the obvious record label to the rights of such albums as "At Play", "At Play Vol.2", and of course "Vexillology" have taken advantage of Deadmau5' gain in popularity and have taken it among themselves to release a remix album for this addictive track!

Clever indeed, the 'album' you could say includes 10 tracks, and currently is ONLY available on!

Check it out at the official beatport product page.

Personally, I can't say all remixes are to par.. but there is a couple (to me.. like 2 at most) that shine. Still a decent little EP, especially nice for those who may be sick of FLOABN.

Thats all for now, stay tuned,