Saturday, November 21, 2009


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New Mau5Head Infoz!

Mau5Had Info in video starting 3 minutes in

This is 100% confirmation! We now know this beautiful Mau5Head is going to be intense! He wanted to have it for Halloween, but it wasn't ready in time. [SPECULATION] He is more then likely going to wait to use it for New Years! [/SPECULATION]

Monitors in the head means he is most likely not taking this one off during his sets!

in other news..


From Joel himself, says he has content ready for a new artist album. What does this mean? 100% original content! Nothing you have heard before!!

He says he is about a third finished the album, you have to know that there is a lot more to an album then just putting some tracks together.. he, and many other people will have to be busy to get something together that quick!

UPDATE; Had several things push me to believe that YOU NEED A LADDER is on the upcoming album!

Keep Posted For Moar Info'z!!

thanks to Mau5Man on thedaftclub for the link!

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