Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Return of the Mpire

Moguai's new album 'Mpire' is now out!
Not many producers get handpicked by deadmau5 to conjure a full length artist album for his prestigious mau5trap imprint; so for German specialist Moguai to get the nod twice in as many years is one hefty testament to the sheer quality, imagination and originality of his musical output.

Now, and less than two years since the critically lauded release of his first ever mau5trap album We Ar Lyve back in April 2010, Moguai returns to the fray, and on the form of his life, for the agonizingly-awaited worldwide release of his latest long-player project – Mpire.

Available to buy from 30th January 2012, the album itself is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship; artistically inventive, masterfully honed, perfectly coordinated and not an ounce short of what we’ve come to expect from this outstanding producer, working so consistently at the top of his game. With the juggernaut first single (also titled Mpire) released earlier this month and already flying high at #1 in the overall Beatport chart, Moguai now looks set to further silence competitors and wow critics with this stunning new set of fresh, forward-thinking soundscapes, skilfully and thematically tied by an innovative touch that only he can attain.

Diligently incorporating elements of house, techno and electro, this work – two careful years in the making – has Moguai’s signature sound stamped all over it. Whether it’s the luxuriously complex, driving harmonies of Dynamo and Heimaterde, the progressive artistry of Lyme and Tommy Trash collaboration In ‘N’ Out, or the relentlessly pounding tech-bedlam that is N.E.O, this stunning album delivers more than it’s fair share of peak-timers to satisfy the cravings of dancefloor junkies worldwide.

But it’s the spellbinding euphoria of tracks such as Invisible, Styrum and Out of Nowhere that elevate this album to that next level of innovative flair – one that so many artists struggle to achieve. Gentle, hypnotizing and evoking emotions of tranquillity throughout with their mesmerising synth progressions, these welcome moments of calm within an otherwise club-focused collection captivate the soul and carry the listener on a delicate journey through the ethereal. Just one listen and we begin to understand why the Mau5 himself insisted so strongly upon another Moguai LP instalment.

With some perfectly fitting collaborations and three exclusive offerings to round off proceedings (one each for Beatport, iTunes and Spotify) this album will no doubt be a mainstay in the collections of electronic music lovers young and old for years to come. In true testament to the infamous German composers that came before him, Moguai has created a masterpiece of a symphony that is as diverse as it is ingenious.

- Mpire Minimix (Soundcloud)

You can buy the album at 3 different digital outlets (neat huh?), and each place you buy it from has it's own bonus track.

Moguai - Monkey Business (Beatport Exclusive)
Moguai feat. Fiora - Same As You (iTunes Exclusive)
Moguai - Thrasher Disco (Spotify Exclusive)


Meanwhile on the mau5trap page, a teasing status has been put up to make us guess, but we all already know which EP that is, right? ;)

EDIT: It seems mau5trap had another trick up it's sleeve!

Late February will be when we can buy this release, but tomorrow we can get a sneak peak. I'll be sure to edit that in when the time comes.

EDIT 2: Video is up!

Credit for the Split The Atom remix discovery goes to jz113!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feed Me More...

So there is new Feed Me on the way. A release date, or whether or not this is being released on mau5trap is yet to be confirmed, but news of new Feed Me is good news! Along with the announcement tweet of new material, there is also a new North American tour underway.


UFK's video of the Feed Me & Gemini collab confirms a release date of Feb 6th, and a mau5trap release.

All is quiet on the mau5trap front, except that Moguai's new track Mpire is charting at #1 on Beatport! Nothing unusual for a mau5trap release I might add.

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Supposedely soon we will see news of a Maths (EP?) release and a Professional Griefers EP release, as always, when those are out, we'll let you know. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cthulhu Dreams

Cthulhu2 by fuckmylife

You never want to wake up Cthulhu, but at least he's dreaming now, getting that REM sleep, you know? Contrary to what the soundcloud description says, it's not actually released (yet, just check out the catalogue number), but we will have a link up here to when it is released. In the mean time, the soundcloud has a download option! I also think this isn't the full version (I could be completely wrong), but my reasoning is that the full version of Cthulhu Sleeps is exactly 10 minutes long, while this is 4:13. Like I said, this could be the full version, but I'm hoping there is more in store for us.