Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feed Me To The Stars EP Out Tomorrow PLUS news on the new Skrillex EP!

Feed Me - Feed Me to the Stars EP - forthcoming clips by youfeedme

Don't forget guys that the new Feed Me EP is out tomorrow on iTunes and Beatport. And here's a small update on the new Skrillex EP.


And no, they don't mean the back of an actual cat. (Okay that was a lame joke and I apologize for it). They mean the back CATALOG! So if you think you're missing something from your mau5trap collection or simply want to listen to anything you might not have, check the soundcloud out. They started uploading 5 hours ago from the time of making this post, so keep checking in. (4 more added, Sydney Blu tracks added)
And secondly, if you've ever wanted to make your own mau5head, now's your chance!
"deadmau5 is inviting aspiring designers to submit their most creative and unique mau5head design for the chance to have it produced as the next deadmau5 head." Click the link above to find out more on the contest.

The selected design will be produced into the next deadmau5 head for promotional events and deadmau5's signature 'Unhooked' shows. Photographs of the winning mau5head will be featured on deadmau5's official website along with details about the winner. The winner will receive 2 VIP passes to a deadmau5 performance in Los Angeles and will meet deadmau5 at an in-store event in Los Angeles in August 2011. Travel and 2 nights' accommodation for the winner plus a guest will be provided. The 5 highest voted submissions will each receive 2 VIP passes to a deadmau5 performance nearest to their location (travel and accommodation not provided). A further 5 highest voted submissions will receive official signed deadmau5 merchandise.

Submission Deadline:
July 12, 2011
Voting Starts: July 13, 2011
Voting Ends: July 19, 2011
Winner Announcement: August 3, 2011

in the beginning by mau5traprecords

SOFI - Bring Out The Devil

SOFI has confirmed her first solo single to be released on mau5trap - Bring Out The Devil.

Sound familiar? It's produced by Skrillex - but it's SOFI's song. Been around a while. Here it is.

Expect it to be around soon. Check back for updates...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Raise Your Weapon EP out now at Beatport!

Spoke too soon, really, didn't I?

The Raise Your Weapon EP is now out at all digital retailers.

1. Raise Your Weapon (Original Mix)
2. Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)
3. Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix)
4. Raise Your Weapon (Stimming Remix)
5. Raise Your Weapon (Stimming Dub) [EXCLUSIVE to Beatport]

Click here to buy on Beatport (Now on mau5trap - the Virgin UK release got taken off, Ultra release coming soon)

Check back soon for links to where to buy the new Feed Me EP!

Releases, releases...

First of all, Feed Me has confirmed that his "To the Stars" EP will be released in the first week of June.

But before that...the Raise Your Weapon EP! And just as I expected, the Noisia and Stimming remix will be included...and also a remix by producer Madeon!

Hope Madeon doesn't mind me using this here, but this is a GREAT remix, a little bit of french touch in there, just when I thought french touch was dying out. The remix includes lots of nice twists that make it really stand out. And from his soundcloud bio, this guy's only 16. Amazing!

EDIT: Also, a video for your viewing delight, and some nice album artwork too.

The Raise Your Weapon is reportedly scheduled to come out around the 23rd of May. We'll have details of where you can buy it all in high quality on beatport, etc. right here.

And the same for the Feed Me EP. Highly anticipated releases on Mau5trap.

Deadmau5 has just reached the end of his Asian tour, see here for details on his North American "Meowingtons hax" tour.

And just a note, I'm gonna try and get as much footage from deadmau5 at LED festival in June as I can. I'm definitely looking forward to it...

Friday, May 13, 2011

October news plus more touring! EDIT: More tour news.

First up, there is news on the unreleased track known as October.

If you're an active member of Random Forum Title (click here for the thread), you might have already noticed that there is an unreleased sub-forum for all unreleased tracks, and deadmau5 does indeed browse these forums himself, answering questions from time to time. In his latest post, he outlines what he plans to do with the track known as October.

And there you have it. There is hope! Haha.

And secondly, if you subscribe to the deadmau5 newsletter, you've probably already seen this in your email.

Brand new production...hmm. If you have any ideas what this might be, be sure to throw 'em in the shoutbox to the right! Click Here for a link to the ticket sales from livenation. Here are some tour dates that are on the deadmau5 website.

EDIT: There are more unannounced tour dates that have yet to be released. As to when we'll know is still uncertain.

And finally, a video that's been out for awhile, but some of you may have not seen yet.

(p.s, be sure to check out Random Forum Title. It's the unofficial deadmau5 forum of the internet. for realz. There's lots of cool stuff on there.)