Friday, May 13, 2011

October news plus more touring! EDIT: More tour news.

First up, there is news on the unreleased track known as October.

If you're an active member of Random Forum Title (click here for the thread), you might have already noticed that there is an unreleased sub-forum for all unreleased tracks, and deadmau5 does indeed browse these forums himself, answering questions from time to time. In his latest post, he outlines what he plans to do with the track known as October.

And there you have it. There is hope! Haha.

And secondly, if you subscribe to the deadmau5 newsletter, you've probably already seen this in your email.

Brand new production...hmm. If you have any ideas what this might be, be sure to throw 'em in the shoutbox to the right! Click Here for a link to the ticket sales from livenation. Here are some tour dates that are on the deadmau5 website.

EDIT: There are more unannounced tour dates that have yet to be released. As to when we'll know is still uncertain.

And finally, a video that's been out for awhile, but some of you may have not seen yet.

(p.s, be sure to check out Random Forum Title. It's the unofficial deadmau5 forum of the internet. for realz. There's lots of cool stuff on there.)

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