Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deadmau5 @ UMF 2010 videos

Ahh, new deadmau5.

But first of all, some mildly old stuff.

This right here is cool. Tommy Lee on drums, with a woman singing (No idea who? Tell in comments if you know) and a stripped down version of You Need a Ladder from his other live shows.
EDIT: Singer is Sofia Toufa (according to commenter) and song may be called Sofia Needs a Ladder (sorry for any spelling mistakes). Later in the video is his remix of Paco Di Bango's World by Orlando Voorn, but without vocals, but sounds sick.

And here is his remix of Killing in The Name by Rage Against the Machine...Again, only used live.

And now for the new stuff.

This song was the first song to be played at UMF, and is my favorite so far. EDIT: Song may be called "Some Chords" or "Oh, Whatever" (thanks commenters + youtube commenters)
Note that at the start after the intro video, deadmau5 has some technical difficulties. Skip to around 4 minutes for the song.

And here is (one) of the dubstep tunes that was the subject of another post.

And to finish off, an oldy but a goldie, (Moar) Ghosts n stuff into the proper Ghosts n Stuff.

Songs that he played at UMF (that have been uploaded to youtube)
The intro song which doesn't have a name yet
You Need a Ladder
The Reward is Cheese
Ghosts n Stuff
Moar Ghosts n Stuff
the dubstep song

Loads of videos are being uploaded onto youtube right now...I'll post any spectacular songs as they come up.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pendulum - Watercolour (Deadmau5 Remix)

Pendulum - Watercolour (Deadmau5 Remix)

Enjoy. Watercolour is a new song from Pendulum's album Immersion, coming sometime before May.

Friday, March 5, 2010

MOGUAI new album on mau5trap... “WE AR LYVE”

More Moguai related news, but I think anything mau5trap and any music this good deserves recognition.

This will be the 3rd album released officially on mau5trap, on physical CD and download.

Moguai recently joined mau5trap and released ZYVOX and Lyve as EPs before this.

At first I thought he would be a one off, but I was soon corrected!

Taken from his official site:

"Galactico record label Mau5trap have snapped up German producer Moguai to release his debut album 'WE AR LYVE', the only artist aside from imprint boss and global phenomenon Deadmau5 to do so - a statement in itself we think you'll agree!

Set for release on April 26th, we can exclusively reveal that the singles 'Zyvox' and 'Lyve' will feature with forthcoming monster EP 'Nyce/Blau' which are plucked from the intriguingly entitled 'WE AR LYVE.'

The label's previous successes have led to the album deal that will see the 10-tracker unleashed, not only digitally, but also in physical form.

Expect more details of the album to surface in the coming weeks for what is set to be one of the most highly anticipated electronic albums of the year.

'WE AR LYVE' is to be released on the 26th April on Mau5trap Recordings."

As 4 tracks have been released previously and are going to be on this album, we can assume that we will get another 6 tracks with this album. More on the tracklist closer to the time of release.

Just to repeat, this album is out April 26th.

As mentioned from his official site, there's also a new EP out now.

Nyce/Blau tracklist

  1. Nyce
  2. Blau

I've bought this EP. Both keep true to Moguai's recent style, with Blau being my personal favourite.

The EP is out now, and you can buy it on beatport here.

DJ Pixcell kindly allowed me to post this about Moguai here. If Moguai generates enough interest, then just give a shout in the shoutbox to tell me what you think. (Maybe another blog?)

As a side note, Deadmau5 is currently in LA recording his 4th album.

Check out his Myspace for upcoming shows and events from around May onwards.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mau5 Olympic Gig >> Great Success

A little late, and yes I am sorry about that. But lets just say it need to sizzle. Well now that the fantastic, record setting, 2010 Vancouver Olympics are over its a great time to look back on the awesome things that did happen. Now obviously all of the great athletes were great to watch for 17 days, and the record setting 14 golds for Canada was awesome! Congrats to every country for their winnings, and/or even participation.. after all win or lose, you participated in the Olympics! Not a small feet indeed.

But other than the great athletes there were guest acts.. one of which we all seem to know..
Deadmau5! That's right, in case you didn't know Deadmau5 performed 2 shows at the Olympics.

Click here to see the line up of guests for the medal presentations (including Deadmau5)

Deadmau5 performed a fantastic gig to 8000 (in total 20000 in line [acording to Rukes]) people!
Now that is amazing. He 'Rick Roll'd' everyone as the soundcheck. Dropping his now famous remix of Orlando Voorn's Paco Di Bangos World.. which may I add sounds fantastic! (check out earlier posts for video preview)

Here he is a nice little clip from the gig;

Great turn out and lighting for the official ceremony.. really wish i could have been there.

And yes in case you were wondering, that is a team Canada jersey he is wearing, with "Deadmau5" as the name and the number "5".

Thats all for now Mau5 Fan5, keep posted, and follow us for moar! ;)

Deadmau5 Nominated For 3rd Year In A Row - Juno Awards

In total of 4 nominations from the Juno's, a Canadian music award show dedicated to awarding great canadian bands and artists from all over the country, this 4th nomination is for his latest album which was released September 22nd, For Lack of a Better Name.

He is followed by other artists in the category of "Dance Recording of the Year", artists include; Carmen and Camille, Doman and Gooding ft. Dru & Lincoln, Misstress Barbara, and Thunderheist.

Click Here To View Nominations @ Official Juno Website

A decent line up of good artists, but lets just say, I think Mr.Mau5 has this one in the bag. ;)

His fantastic "compilation album" has been out for a while, and even before its release was recieveing great reviews. He has grown from beyond your little obsession, this Mau5 has grown far beyond belief, he is now the biggest thing in (real) electronic music. All of us fans wish him good luck with this award, and while it may not be a Grammy, just know its not the award that matters to the fans its what you have personally accomplished, and apparently.. that's brainwashing all of us with your wonderfully hypnotic tunes.