Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deadmau5 @ UMF 2010 videos

Ahh, new deadmau5.

But first of all, some mildly old stuff.

This right here is cool. Tommy Lee on drums, with a woman singing (No idea who? Tell in comments if you know) and a stripped down version of You Need a Ladder from his other live shows.
EDIT: Singer is Sofia Toufa (according to commenter) and song may be called Sofia Needs a Ladder (sorry for any spelling mistakes). Later in the video is his remix of Paco Di Bango's World by Orlando Voorn, but without vocals, but sounds sick.

And here is his remix of Killing in The Name by Rage Against the Machine...Again, only used live.

And now for the new stuff.

This song was the first song to be played at UMF, and is my favorite so far. EDIT: Song may be called "Some Chords" or "Oh, Whatever" (thanks commenters + youtube commenters)
Note that at the start after the intro video, deadmau5 has some technical difficulties. Skip to around 4 minutes for the song.

And here is (one) of the dubstep tunes that was the subject of another post.

And to finish off, an oldy but a goldie, (Moar) Ghosts n stuff into the proper Ghosts n Stuff.

Songs that he played at UMF (that have been uploaded to youtube)
The intro song which doesn't have a name yet
You Need a Ladder
The Reward is Cheese
Ghosts n Stuff
Moar Ghosts n Stuff
the dubstep song

Loads of videos are being uploaded onto youtube right now...I'll post any spectacular songs as they come up.


  1. I think the girl singing might've been Tommy Lee's girlfriend, whoever that is. Maybe?

  2. sofia toufa is her name

  3. yup its Sofi

    the song is "Sofi needs a ladder".
    mau5 said he's recording a song with her.

    i couldve heard that wrong. his live broadcast was choppy when i watched it.

  4. The song maybe called 'Oh, whatever'
    or 'some chords' or something like that. no more info srry :S sick videos man =D im from argentina, an he never comes here :( , i hope he come for the creamfield this year :D

    see ya :)

  5. according to someone who appears knowledgable and posted on that vid for the new, unknown song it might be titled "Some Chords"

  6. http://www.creamfields.com/lineup

    Deadmau5 is @ Creamfields UK, first day, main stage. ;)

  7. thanks for all the comments guys, helpful. :)

  8. How can deadmau5 be after david guetta ? D:

    Fuck david guetta, deadmau5 is sooo much better :D

  9. david guetta can suck it! hope joel is getting well rested :)

  10. SOFI Needs A Ladder sounds good
    but i think there are two versions
    one from the 4x4=12 album and one from the NFS:HP soundtrack