Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mau5 Olympic Gig >> Great Success

A little late, and yes I am sorry about that. But lets just say it need to sizzle. Well now that the fantastic, record setting, 2010 Vancouver Olympics are over its a great time to look back on the awesome things that did happen. Now obviously all of the great athletes were great to watch for 17 days, and the record setting 14 golds for Canada was awesome! Congrats to every country for their winnings, and/or even participation.. after all win or lose, you participated in the Olympics! Not a small feet indeed.

But other than the great athletes there were guest acts.. one of which we all seem to know..
Deadmau5! That's right, in case you didn't know Deadmau5 performed 2 shows at the Olympics.

Click here to see the line up of guests for the medal presentations (including Deadmau5)

Deadmau5 performed a fantastic gig to 8000 (in total 20000 in line [acording to Rukes]) people!
Now that is amazing. He 'Rick Roll'd' everyone as the soundcheck. Dropping his now famous remix of Orlando Voorn's Paco Di Bangos World.. which may I add sounds fantastic! (check out earlier posts for video preview)

Here he is a nice little clip from the gig;

Great turn out and lighting for the official ceremony.. really wish i could have been there.

And yes in case you were wondering, that is a team Canada jersey he is wearing, with "Deadmau5" as the name and the number "5".

Thats all for now Mau5 Fan5, keep posted, and follow us for moar! ;)

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