Sunday, May 15, 2011

Releases, releases...

First of all, Feed Me has confirmed that his "To the Stars" EP will be released in the first week of June.

But before that...the Raise Your Weapon EP! And just as I expected, the Noisia and Stimming remix will be included...and also a remix by producer Madeon!

Hope Madeon doesn't mind me using this here, but this is a GREAT remix, a little bit of french touch in there, just when I thought french touch was dying out. The remix includes lots of nice twists that make it really stand out. And from his soundcloud bio, this guy's only 16. Amazing!

EDIT: Also, a video for your viewing delight, and some nice album artwork too.

The Raise Your Weapon is reportedly scheduled to come out around the 23rd of May. We'll have details of where you can buy it all in high quality on beatport, etc. right here.

And the same for the Feed Me EP. Highly anticipated releases on Mau5trap.

Deadmau5 has just reached the end of his Asian tour, see here for details on his North American "Meowingtons hax" tour.

And just a note, I'm gonna try and get as much footage from deadmau5 at LED festival in June as I can. I'm definitely looking forward to it...

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