Sunday, December 26, 2010

Feed Me's Big Adventure on mau5trap

Happy Christmas, or more appropriately have a good up and coming New Year! Mau5trap had a christmas present lined up for you...Feed Me's Big Adventure.

Released 25/12/10

2. Silicone Lube
3. Grand Theft Ecstasy
4. Muscle Rollers (w/ Kill The Noise)
5. Cloudburn (feat. Tasha Baxter)
8. Talk To Me

Feed Me (aka Spor, Jon Gooch) previously released The Spell / Raw Chicken on mau5trap. Can't stop listening to this album / EP. Will be released everywhere other than beatport around January 25th 2011.

Also, if you need a free taster of Feed Me, he recently released the track "Jodie" for free. Deadmau5 has also shown support for this song.

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