Monday, April 19, 2010

Deadmau5 – Coachella 2010 track roundup

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Recently, there has been alot of attention with the LED Mau5head revealed at Coachella. It is impressive, but I best know deadmau5 for his tunes. So what of the tunes?

Some Chords (working title)

This was first played at UMF 2010. Still my personal favorite. And still brilliant.

New track - Cthulu Sleeps *EXCLUSIVE TITLE*
(guessed title, Joel did mention 'Cthulu' in the song title, whether or not it was the same name he mentioned via facebook/twitter is another question..)

An interesting track. I like it alot. NOTE: This is only about partway into the song, here is the beginning.

Another new track (no info on name)

You Need a Ladder (with Tommy Lee on drums and Sofi Toufa on vocals)

No live vocals or drums, but is still a cool song.

This is all I've managed to find on Youtube at the moment - MASSIVE thanks to those who uploaded these videos.

Moguai - We Ar Lyve

You can now get Moguai's We Ar Lyve at beatport - official release date is 26/04/2010.

Moguai's Nyce Remix competition.

If you like Moguai and you like remixing...Might be a good time to get involved!

Have a "nyce" day



  1. coachella its a sick festival, aww man, i wish i was there :( anyway
    FREAKING AWESOME VIDEOS, congratulations :D

    I ♥ NeW Deadmau5 LeD HeaD

  2. no name = Bad Selection