Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Forgotten Mau5 Remix?

Just kidding. :p This isn't the most well known remix by the Mau5 out there, but it is certainly an addictive one. After noticing several friends of mine that listen to a lot of the Mau5 not know this track, I had to share it! This is a nice cool progressive remix, similar sounding to the remix he made for Morgan Page's hit; "Longest Road"

Its probably a bit more basic than we are used to, but I find myself playing it in my head all the time.

This remix, according to iTunes, was released Jan 27 2009.

Available for purchase on; iTunes HERE , and Beatport HERE

Here is a free full length preview;

Enjoy, keep it classy,


  1. Hehe, I never forgot this remix. it's still pretty cool.

    Is that first image one you 'shopped, pixcell?

  2. yes I photoshopped that image from the original ep cover, to add the deadmau5 remix title, and a ghostly appearance of Deadmau5.

    I also added the pink/blue effect.

    Just something I did quick to give it some 'flavor'. lol

  3. any chance there's that image of deadmau5 being ghostly anywhere?