Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back To An Epic Event

Holy posts batman..? Right? lol Well me being caught up with recent events, I've been pretty busy and freaked out over the recent events, just amazing.

Im very thankful, but I was not given the pleasure to see this amazing gig, so bringing information to you for the third (and probably not the last) time, I give you the Coachella gig once again..

I was too caught up to mention the fantastic pictures that Rukes (occasional photographer for Deadmau5) had taken at the gig.

These pics are awesome, and show probably the finest details of the gig, hope you guys enjoy.

Check out the full set HERE.

Don't forget to check out for the pre-concert pictures, and many many other pictures from past gigs from the mau5 and other great artists!

Click HERE to go to now!

Thanks for the sweet pictures Rukes, we will all be following your photographic journey!

*UPDATE And we most certainly will be following your fine pictures for the sets you are taking pictures for the Deadmau5 European tour!
You can certainly expect posts in relation to those sets coming later next month!

Keeping you updated,

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