Monday, April 26, 2010

Old ghosts 'n' stuff / Moguai's new album

Ghosts 'n' stuff. It should instantly occur to you as a deadmau5 classic.

It has gone through many versions...

The first instrumental version was released around 2008...and is his most known version, possibly the best known of his tracks.

Then last year he re-released Ghosts 'n' Stuff with vocals from Rob Swire from Pendulum, and was finally put on his album For Lack of a Better Name. It also had remixes from Nero, Sub Focus and also packaged with the instrumental mix.

But why do I make this post?

Enjoy 2 early versions of deadmau5' ghosts n stuff (Packaged into one track)

The first actually sounds quite different, although overall the music is the same.
The second was first heard on a video called photoshoots n stuff, and in my opinion is the best version of GnS I've heard.

Moguai - We Ar Lyve released!

On a mau5trap related note, you can now get We Ar Lyve on iTunes
or on Beatport
...and on CD.

1. LSD
2. Zyvox
3. Impereal
4. Flex, Rex, Mansion
5. Oyster
6. Blau
7. Nyce
8. Electra
9. Ataque
10. Lyve
Bonus Tracks:
11. DSFH
12. Dubwater
13. Nu Disco

As a quick review of the album, it kicks off with a great ambient track "LSD" which is quite reminiscent of deadmau5' "Bored of canada"..and continues onto previously released ZYVOX (A great house track) and Impereal (also released).

Next is Flex, Rex, Mansion which has vocals and is quite impressive. Oyster, Blau and Nyce all show off Moguai's usual electro style which has nice rolling synths.

Electra and Ataque are both tracks with nice stabbing synths that make a good end to the album.

The album soon ends with Lyve, which pretty much sums up the album. It has a good feel.

You also get 3 digital bonus tracks buying the album online.

I certainly didn't know this was coming when Moguai first released ZYVOX on mau5trap. Very cool album and best of luck to Moguai.



  1. I totally thought you were posting to say that the old versions were released on beatport. Brix would have been shat.