Friday, June 10, 2011

Victoria Park, LED Festival - I was there!

Well well, LED Festival. Quite a spectacle. I can say the mau5 was the highlight of my trip. Just a few quick impressions, the show goes MUCH too quickly. The lighting all seems much more vivid than you see in videos, and it really is IMPRESSIVE. And just in case you had any shred of doubt, yes it was a great musical experience.

Anyway, what do I have to share? The only picture I took which is mau5 related, well what is a mau5 without his cube?

Videos! Just call me Mr. Shakycam.

He played some newish stuff. He played Deer Bus. Or, that's the WIP name people are likely to remember.

Aural Psynapse, another relatively new...well...rework.

Any more videos and this post will get too long so if you want to watch the few other videos I took which are of any decency go to my channel at :



  1. I'll be there too :D (Psylark's friend!)

  2. dude can you upload your videos? it was such a great night that i want to relive it :D

  3. comin up asap. not my fault. youtube's

  4. Ugh, I love you man and love this blog but damn dude, invest in a better phone/camera! I was so stoked when I heard you were going to LED, but this video is kinda meh :(. I hear more of the crowd than the music(oh and be a little braver and push closer to the front too! I was able to get within 5 rows of the main stage when I saw Joel at Ultra without too much trouble).

    Still appreciate what you do though man, keep it up, I check daily!

  5. hah well for these videos i was zoomed in 90% of the time so even though it's 720p it loses alot of quality. i was impressed with the sound actually and expected the bass to overwhelm the mic in there.

    i do want a 1080p capable phone in the future but atm just don't have the money for it.

    the amount of space i had there was pretty squished at the best of times, although i know that's probably a petty statement considering this is one of the smaller festivals.

    thanks for the appreciation anyway man!

  6. Great job Psylark, hope you had an awesome time! :)

  7. Eagerly waiting to see the video. I am sure that too will be of real excitation.

  8. Enjoyed dude..Thanks for sharing with us.