Sunday, May 23, 2010

Next compilation album "Deadmau5 At Play vol. 3" due June 14th

Last october I informed you of At Play 2.

Now it looks like Play records are going to release another compilation of classic mau5 goodness with At Play vol. 3...

1. Cyclic Redundancy

2. Apply Overnight

3. Plus

4. Lai

5. TL7

6. Bounce

7. Full Bloom

8. Templar

9. Stereo Fidelity

10. Whispers feat Melleefresh (Remix)

This is incredibly lucky for me, as I was about to buy all these off beatport individually before this.

These songs have all been released before, and they are all quite old, but they're all golden.


  1. IMO the previous "at play's" were much better than this one. But cthulhu still sleeps, so we shouldn't worry at all ;D

  2. I don't understand beatport, some of the quality is bad and songs are over priced, better quality and cost @ iTunes. imo, I hope Cthulhu wakes up soon.

  3. your basing that from preview playing.

    The quality from itunes store is 256kbs m4a. The quality from Beatport is 320kbs mp3 (highest possible for mp3), and WAV (which is the most popular lossless format for DJs)

    For a DJ you need to have the best quality in your music collection, you cant have different sounding bitrate songs during a gig.. thats just.. horrible.

    So yes. There is a major difference. The previews you listen to are compressed files that have been squeezed down to a set size in mb's to cut down on space, depending on the file it will sound better or worse.. preview is just a preview. Not made for final judgment of a song.

  4. WTF is the point of these releases?