Monday, May 24, 2010

Sleeping Beauty Pills

deadmau5 never ceases to entertain (at least in my books), and his latest work is no exception. It is definitely a different direction (think very Trent Reznor like, somewhat reminiscent of some of his old Get Scraped tracks), though it is by no means bad at all (or new, according to the mau5 himself, haha).

EDIT: Two new versions of the track were posted! Take a listen. I'll eventually get around to upping these on youtube.

EDIT 2: Another version out, enjoy!

So, thoughts, comments? I certainly love it, being a big fan of NIN as well as the mau5. Leave your opinion in the side-bar/comments! I'm interested in what you guys think. :)

Also, more RUKES! :D

Deadmau5 @ Ancienne Belgique (Brussels, BE) - May 19, 2010

Deadmau5 @ Rock In Rio 2010 (Lisbon, PT) - May 21, 2010

1 comment:

  1. Wow...definitely a change from the status quo from the Mau5. Heard on XM Chill. Replayd about 15 times then my buffer ran out. :( Awesome track. Hooe to hear more like this. Keep it up bro#!