Monday, October 12, 2009

At Play, vol. 2

This is sure to be good.

If you liked At Play, get this. It's more Meleefresh vs. Deadmau5 and more stuff like At Play. Also, if you're a DJ, it's DJ friendly!

Quite expensive, but with the rapidness of all Deadmau5 releases, it sure does pay off in the end.

**note not a release album, compilation from play records because of success of deadmau5


  1. Wow. FLOABN was released less than a month ago and already this is coming out? Joel's on fire.

  2. only 2 songs I haven't seen before.

    These are all old previously released songs. THIS IS NOT AN ALBUM.

    Something released by play records to make money from his success.

  3. Yar, I know, I didn't mention compilation...

    Still, I'll get it. FLOABN only had 3 we hadn't heard before. No, infact 2, bot was released before.