Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deadmau5 Scores #6 On DJ Mag's Top DJ List

Thats right the mau5 who's "not a dj" ranks #6 voted best DJ on the DJ Mag Top DJ's List.

View the newly updated 2009 list here.

The 'DJ' who scored a #11 spot last year, the highest new addition.. has scored a #6 score, following the norms of Armin Van Buuren, Tiƫsto, David Guetta, and Above & Beyond.

While he didn't make it in the top 5, but damn close, this is no rank to be shameful of.. THATS OUT OF 100 DJ's ON THIS LIST!!

Thats no small thing.

Since his "FLOABN" didn't come out 'till after the voting closed for the Top DJ's list.. I can easily see his name be even higher next year. This fantastic artist, and even if he doesn't want to be called it.. DJ, is one that cannot be beaten easily.

Considering 3 years ago he wasn't even on the top DJ list, he went striaght up to #11, now an awesome #6.

This is just the begining, for that I am certain.

ps. on a side note, after such talk about his new "HD TV Mau5head", it is moar then likely not going to be very HD, but lots of LED's that is for sure. Stay tuned for more info! :)

For All Your Mau5 Needs..

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