Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its Coming..

This may just be the 'HD TV Mau5head' we have been hearing about. Posted by deadmau5 himself on his facebook, he said; "a big box... with something in it you're not supposed to know about yet."

Which is more then likely referring to the new mau5head that we have heard very little about.

Still have no information on this, but we can see here that things are being kept tight.

Who knows honestly, this may end up being some type of large piece of equipment.. but it is secretive, so I am coming up with the assumption that it is the new head in theory.

Stay tuned for more info!! ;)



  1. Personally I doubt it's the mau5 head.

    Or I do want the mau5 head, but I hope it's something alot more radical...:P

  2. I think I am the lucky one to see with my real eyes what's in the box CAN'T WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY!! WOOOHOOO

    - FerreNL