Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Deadmau5 compilation album - 4x4=12 - out in December?

Several websites have now got a preorder up for Deadmau5' new album, and they all say that the new album will be out on December 7th 2010...

The new album appears to be called 4x4=12. Nice and arbitrary, as usual.

(album artwork kind of official)


Proposed (not confirmed) tracklist:
1. Some Chords
2. SOFI Needs a Ladder
3. Sleeping Beauty Pills
4. Cthulhu Sleeps
5. Atrium
6. Animal Rights
7. One Trick Pony
8. Bad Selection
9. I Said (Michael Woods Remix)}
10. Raise Your Weapon
11. A City In Florida

Now compare this to my prediction a while ago.

Sleeping Beauty Pills aka Industrial Strength Sleeping Pills

Atrium - suspected to be Moonlight Sonata Esque or October

Animal Rights - Post updated with iTunes and Beatport link

One Trick Pony - Post including Raise Your Weapon + One Trick Pony


  1. ASDFGHJKDDKSF no Everything You Are? :(

  2. here's a youtube link for "A City In Florida"

  3. Thanks heaps for the post!

    the complete album. give it a listen. buy it when it comes out in december!