Saturday, September 18, 2010

A City In Florida (New Track)

Here it is, the mysterious track we all have been questioning since we first heard the title. The song, which was included for free when you purchased a ticket to any of Deadmau5' set upcoming events, titled A City In Florida has now reached the net.. and we think you may find it a tad familiar..

Thats right its the Paco di Bango's World remix we have heard on the net! Only, minus the samples from the orignal song. So we have the raw song here, sounds great just like the remix.. minus the vocal bits.

here is the original remix deadmau5 made;
Orlando Voorn - Paco di Bango's World (Deadmau5 Remix)


  1. I really don't see what the point of doing that was. But I'm increasing begining to miss the point when it comes to deadmau5. *shrugs* whatever.

  2. A City in Florida=Orlando=Orlando Voorn=Paco di Bango's World

    I see what you did there, Joel.

  3. Awesome choon Mr mou5e, by the way i was wondering why your not coming to ireland on your winter tour. Then i noticed you don't do a lot of shows in ireland. You have plenty of fans here so i did a little research and i found out you had an incident with an irish newspaper. Mr zimmerman your going to get pricks everywere you go, so please don't hold back on the irish because we sure as hell don't hold back on you. P.S. I like to disco to techno!!!

  4. Will someone who has this, please upload the 256k version. The one going around sounds like a lower volume

  5. Actually, as joel pointed out on his webcam chat just before he played the olympia last, irish IPs hit the most out of all the nations according to google analytics...

  6. Some jackass prank called him from Florida and someone mentioned on his webcam chat that the area code was from "A City in Florida"