Saturday, September 18, 2010

New EP "Sofi Needs A Ladder" including a remix by you!?

Thats right mau5 fan5! The next major EP to be released in the name of the mau5 will be for the track a lot of you have been dying to get their hands on; Sofi Needs A Ladder

We don't have much info on what the EP will have, or what the competition prizes will be. But stay tuned for more info! :)

There is a remix competition starting soon, the parts have just been released on beatport TODAY, so go ahead and start doing what you are good at. Come up with something creative, and to the point, create a remix that will be out there but that you also know people will like!

Remix parts available on beatport NOW.

Click the beatport image bellow to preview and buy the remix parts now! :)


  1. is the official original mix of Sofi Needs A Ladder about??

  2. Check out my Remix of SOFI Needs A Ladder here!!! READY YOUR SUBS!!!!

  3. SOFI NEEDS A LADDER - "N'DJ uja Fascination Remix" (deadmau5 & Remix Contest)

    Listen & If You Like it... Give A Spin!!!

    - Francesco Ferraro Aka El N'Dj uja