Monday, September 12, 2011

Deadmau5 - Maths (Mike Duz Remix)

deadmau5 - Maths (Mike Duz Remix) SET RIP by Mike Duz

From the man himself, here's a Mike Duz remix of Maths! Ripped from a set by him.

If you remember Mike Duz, I previously blogged about him because he made a cool remix of Oxygen by Moguai that should be getting a release in October or November (not soon enough) on mau5trap.

If you don't remember him, check him out on his Soundcloud.

This remix itself might not be getting a release any time soon though due to Deadmau5' reluctance to release the track.

However, Pete Tong has recently revealed on Radio 1 that through chats with Deadmau5, Deadmau5 is looking to release a proper artist album in 2012, with more new content than previous compilations.

Lastly, just a reminder that Excision's new album X Rated is now out on Beatport through mau5trap now. (or click the image in the blog post below)


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