Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something mau5trap this way comes coming our way Monday. Mau5trap is ever becoming more of an active label by each day, with great new releases recently from Excision and Raized by Wolves.

However Deadmau5 has also been talking about his track "Maths" which appeared yonks ago but was never released. 9 months later, possibly it will get a release? Maths has had a new mix on tour, and it sounds a bit different, being played with what sounds like live synths.

I quote from the mau5 "did i ever release "deadmau5 - maths" ? or am i losing my mind?"
No, you haven't released it mau5, and yes, you are losing your mind! This track has been around for 9 months!

I'll remind you Mike Duz worked on a great new remix of Maths recently, we're still awaiting a release of Moguai's Oxygen, and SOFI's new EP Locked and Loaded. And to think mau5trap started off with one guy and a track called Faxing Berlin...


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