Friday, August 12, 2011

New info on the new Deadmau5 stage / MAU5038 coming up / interviews

That's one of the longest post titles I've done in a while...

Alright, so we know Deadmau5 said about heavy motors for the new set. And at Lollapalooza, that was demonstrated with the mini cube group things (for lack of a better name).

And here, we find out what else Deadmau5 may have wanted to show off at Lolla, but couldn't due to rain.

And so the holodesk first seen at Earl's Court on the last UK tour is in action. The mau5cube twists round to reveal it, and the mau5 uses it with full effect, on the beautiful Jaded.
This video also shows the mini cubes moving up too.

If any more features get shown you'll see them here on mau5itup.

MAU5038 - Moguai feat. Fiora - Oxygen

I was wondering why we hadn't heard from Moguai for a while, after his cool compilation Lyve at Beta a while ago. That same compilation actually featured a song called Oxygen with a singer called Fiora. This song will soon have a release on Mau5trap, courtesy of some info from remixer of the song Mike Duz.

Apparently this guy Mike Duz is just 14. Madeon, move out of the way, you have a contender.

Check back here for details on when the EP will be released.


After being at lolla, deadmau5 was bombarded with interviews. I was astounded at the lack of questions surrounding where he got the name deadmau5 from.

In said interviews with and the rolling stone, he discussed perhaps making a new film score in the future, his hatred for compilation soundtracks, foo fighters, his next album, his mobile studio, and alot more.

You can find these interviews here and here.

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