Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mau5trap Releasepalooza! EDIT: Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax, Where Are My Keys RELEASED!

Where Are My Keys

[video removed for now]

Cott's Face - Feed Me

Static - Tommy Lee & DJ Aero

If you're interested about the rest of the compilation, you can find it on this youtube channel.

Tomorrow (or today, depending on what time-zone you're in), Feed Me's new original track "Cott's Face" will be released on mau5trap, exclusively on Beatport, and once I find an appropriate link, you can be sure you can find it on this blog post. :)

Also more rumoristic rumblings, courtesy of SJRimmington, who run's a neat blog over at Nothin's Gonna Change, a certain article from Kik Axe Music, states that today, mau5trap is also set to release a Meowingtons Hax compilation, which includes Tommy Lee and DJ Aero's new singles, Static and LFO Tool. Note that any word of this Meowingtons Hax comp is not confirmed at all and is simply rumor at this point, the only words to come from mau5trap which might be related came in the form of a recent tweet from earlier tonight. Click the picture for a link to the tweet itself. Should there be an actual release, I'll also post the beatport link for that.

TOMMY LEE and DJ AERO have partnered with DEADMAU5 and his MAU5TRAP label to release their new singles Static and LFO Tool tomorrow, August 25thvia the MEOWINGTONS HAX compilation
Embedded below is the video for Static. And yes, that is Skrillex's manager. Video is partly NSFW.

So, tell us what you guys think!

EDIT: What also might be interesting, is the audio in this video found on Adobe's Student site. Mau5 original or not? It remains to be seen. If you know what this track is, or any info, let us know!

EDIT: New updates! The big suprise mau5trap told us about is the Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax Bundle.

As Deadmau5 embarks upon the Meowingtons Hax North American tour alongside a host of the Mau5trap stable, the label head leads the charge with a brand new compilation. It features new and exclusive tracks from Deadmau5 himself and a host of the artists featuring on the tour, as well as a selection of tracks from new additions to the label that you can expect to hear a lot more from in the coming months. With contributions from Feed Me, Tommy Lee & Aero, Excision & Datsik, Zedd, Moguai, Al Bizzare and James Njie, this compilation is set to be the soundtrack to the tour carnage that will undoubtedly ensue. Opening with the insistent, driving powerhouse that is Where My Keys, an exclusive track from Deadmau5 himself, the compilation goes straight for the jugular. Moving through the jarring Cotts Face by Feed Me which fuses together glitchy drums and erratic synth lines and onto recent tour additions Tommy Lee & Aero the compilation doesnt hold up for a second as they deliver two fidgety electro house party starting tracks. Excision & Datsik turn up the heat with Deviance as grinding beats and growling basslines meet extra-terrestrial synth lines, proving once again why their star is most definitely in the ascendant. Zedds remix of Skrillex smash Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites channels the power of the original into a filthy 4x4 monster while Moguais Beat of The Drum surges forward on the elastic synths and rolling bass line with Sofi delivering her vocals with attitude.Upcoming Mau5trap artists Al Bizzare and James Njie also feature on the compilation. Al Bizzare brings Blast Wave to the table, a many-headed beast that switches up glistening synths and swelling bass and is in turns both euphoric and gritty. Rising talent James Njie rounds off the compilation in style, introducing himself with two futuristic progressive house tracks that are at once delicately nuanced and full of impact, speaking volumes of his talent. Mau5trap has grown exponentially since its inception in 2007 and become home to some of the most exciting electronic artists in the world. The new compilation features just some of the talent that the label champions and offers up a decisive musical statement whether you are going to the upcoming tour or not. To celebrate the release of the compilation, the Beatport version will come with selected track parts available for digital DJs giving them the chance to get creative. *The Meowingtons Hax tour runs from 11th August to 5th November, starting in Vancouver and ending in Toronto.

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EDIT2: deadmau5 graphic novel.

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