Sunday, August 14, 2011

Professional Griefers + NEW ALBUM NEWS. [not confirmed]

UPDATE: EMI has taken down both the Professional Grifers and Don't Forget The Paperwork videos as of this morning. Hmm, what to make of this?

Well, seems like we have an actual name for Deerbus now.

[video removed for now]

You may remember that when the video for Don't Forget the Paperwork was released on the mau5trap recordings youtube channel, it's legitimacy was up for debate, but no where else could you find that good of a quality of the same track that had it's debut on the live Earl's DVD. Proof enough? I'd say so.(Leaving this striked out until we can get some real proof.) It's still a mysterious muddy gray area, but I think it's better that way. Leaves more to the imagination. (note that you also cannot find anywhere else, the intro to the track in this video. It doesn't start off from a recorded mix or anything else, it's from the intro of the track itself.)

And if you clicked the video, and looked at the description, you may have noticed this.

Is this some cryptic hinting we're looking at? Or simply a skillful trickster impersonating a mau5trap youtube channel? Let us know what you think. :)

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