Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dubstep by deadmau5...or...dubmau5?

Not a proper release, by him, but something interesting.

If you didn't know, deadmau5 made a soundcloud a while back so you can drop some of your promos or your own tracks for him to listen to. Maybe scouting for his record label.

You can access the dropbox there. (excuse the profanity. It is deadmau5' username)

Also there, are some dubstep songs he's just made. Check them out.

Can't embed them, but more importantly, can't download them either. Which is a real shame, as I really like these. Makes me think he should change genre more. (Then go back to trance, which is my real favorite genre for the mau5 to make.)

Also is a news feed from beatport, explaining some various things (his tattoos and his time at coachella)

You can book deadmau5 dates for his UK tour from his myspace.

That's all from me. Let's hope for some new releases soon, and possibly some REAL new material in the coming months.


  1. just wanted to share another new song from ultra with you guys, i just uploaded this video, it goes from the dubstep song to whatever else he played next, if you have track id please post it on the video!

  2. this post has been featured on the Soundcloud Tumblr!