Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'I Said' out on beatport now!

New track I mentioned in my last post, 'I Said' is now out on beatport. Included remixes are the Michael Woods remix and the Sergio Fernandez remix.

Get it here, on beatport exclusively for now.

Click Here To Visit Beatport Page

deadmau5 + chris lake - i said

1. I Said (Original Mix)
2. I Said (Michael Woods Remix)
3. I Said (Sergio Fernandez Remix)

IMO, the Michael Woods remix is amazing. The original is pretty good too.

According to deadmau5' facebook...
"I said" was written in 2007. In a basement apartment. with a little phatty and a PC and a Chris Lake...goes to say it's amazing to be able to work with someone so talented with so little and get those results. and yes... "i said" was then re-done into "Arguru", now, micheal cracked at the old original and rinsed it... so were putting it out again..."

So that is why it sounds like Arguru. Regardless, I think it is a must buy. Some early mau5...

Also out now is the Strobe EP....on iTunes for a MUCH lower price. Click HERE to view/purchase on iTunes.

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