Wednesday, January 6, 2010

General update and some new tracks

So, deadmau5 has now FINISHED his tour. Well deserved break for him. Apparently we'll have a 4th album this year.
However recently he's been dropping a load of new songs into his sets. Well, more specifically, remixes.

That's the notorious song that got #1 Christmas single last year. Looks like deadmau5 is a fan too. He's put his own touch on the song.
For the next album, I was wishing that we'd have a more trancy album like RAT. I've now changed my mind after hearing these. Check these out.

This seems to be ripped from a radio set, and I love it. Has some vocals from Chris Lake in it. Sounds like a less trancy Arguru. Skip to about halfway to hear that.
Last, we have another remix of a song I've never heard before. His style definitely fits in with this though.

These have all been ripped from recent sets, not by me. Credits to the people who ripped them for the videos.

He's also been making some music on Stickam.
He also has another show in April, which you can book for here.

That's all from me. Keep mau5'ing.

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