Monday, December 14, 2009

Xmas n stuff.

(Sorry for burying Strobe EP...look down for the great news about that...Very good EP, just wait for iTunes, hefty price of 10 pounds there...)

As it gets closer to Christmas I cannot ignore the song that has been going round in my head all day, which no doubt you will enjoy.

EDIT: I almost forgot that it's nearing New Year too...which means New HD mau5head soon! Be excited...We'll most likely see it then.

Merry Christmas!

Also of note is this new song that Deadmau5 has been playing in his live sets.

Apparently called October, however it could be called anything different, as posted by someone random on Youtube... Was pointed out on TDC, but now we have the full song set rip.

Another thing. I'd like to point out to you Deadmau5' stickam profile, where he often just mixes random songs. Beware, the chatroom is full of spammers, but watch out and you might see something new.

And his facebook profile where he often posts things about new stuff.

I'm very impressed with Strobe EP, Plump DJs remix is awesome although it doesn't really have anything similar with original song in places. DJ Marky & S.P.Y remix sounds very drum n bass / dubstep if you're into that, Michael Woods remix definitely best IMO.

Lastly I'd just like to point out to you all a bunch of killer songs that Deadmau5 uses in his sets. Check here.

And out from me, and CHECK OUT STROBE EP! vvvvv


  1. I'm not a mau5fan by a longshot, but dang, that October track is beautiful!

  2. I was desperate to search for that track, called random October on YouTube.

    But I read deadmau5 said the new 'HD mau5head' is coming at Coachella. And I asked @ Stickam when it came, he only said it was not called HD just a random name he said because we all don't know what it looks like