Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Strobe Remixes / Moguai / Wristbands

New email from Deadmau5 says that next EP will be...Strobe Remixes!

Quite exciting- and Strobe has been met very positively, and deadmau5 has been playing it at most concerts.

Will also be good to learn who's doing the remixes for this legendary track. I'm thinking trance producers.
More will come of the strobe remixes as we hear of it.

I'll also quickly give a shout to the new Touch Mix app on iTunes for iPod touch / iPhone.

US Wristband!

Also on is the US equivelant of the UK "roundhouse set" wristband. This wristband includes the Terminal 5 set, Ghosts game, wallpapers, Ghosts n' stuff Remix video (Sub focus remix to ghosts n stuff video on uk wristband) as well as of course the Terminal 5 set. I'm guessing this is similar to the roundhouse set but here are links to buy both wristbands.

Next up is a new release on mau5trap by moguai, an EP called Lyve/Impereal.

I take it back about Moguai being a one time release on mau5trap. Could even be seeing an album by him. Deadmau5 says he's the one to watch in 2010...and he certainly thinks high of him to call him the best uprising artist of 2009 on Top 100 DJs...

Listening to Lyve, it sounds similar but not the same to ZYVOX.

Description: After a sterling debut release, Moguai (deadmau5's 'one to watch' 2010) answers the call once again and turns in another outstanding EP in the form of Lyve.

Pulsing bass, rolling chords and glitchy pads all add up to give Lyvea truly euphoric atmostphere, think Gui Boratto and Deadmau5 in one in Hamley's and you're just about there.

Impereal takes things bigger and more hands in the air. With huge stabs, side chained bass and climbing caves, dance floor devastation is almost certain.

This EP comes just at the time I'm learning FL Studio - I'll watch this one closely.

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