Saturday, July 16, 2011

Voting open for Deadmau5' new mau5head / Deer Bus will get a singer, and a name

Deadmau5' new mau5head voting now open

I think we forgot to blog about it while it was in the creative stage, however voting for Deadmau5' new mau5head over at talenthouse is now open.

Many creative minds have made a nice collection of wacky and pretty damn awesome mau5heads. It definitely surprised me how much you can do from a very simple model (the original mau5head.) Deadmau5 will be sent the top 50 mau5heads and will pick one to make. Voting ends 19th July so hurry on over to vote for your favorite mau5heads using your Facebook or Twitter accounts (or both to get 2 votes!)

Click on the image to the left to vote

Deer Bus n stuff

First of all, Deer Bus and Where are My Keys have both been ripped from recorded live sets at Ibiza and put on YouTube, in mildly high quality, thanks to Nick122020.

After deadmau5 got home to Toronto, presumably to rest and work on new music, a new set, and overall just about everything, instead he went on ustream and answered loads of questions.
This session was extremely long - the highlights being that he revealed that:
  1. The new live set will involve "heavy motors" - Possibly lots of moving parts for the set?
  2. He doesn't like projectors in lighting, for good reason
  3. Deer Bus isn't called Deer Bus. Infact he doesn't even know where this name came from. However, it does have a name
  4. ...And will also have a singer (most likely female). In this way, Deer Bus will become "the new Ghosts n Stuff"
  5. Meanwhile he played the song he was working on before he went on tour, called Obsidian. You can hear it in the beginning of this video. Very acid style
  6. He described his intentions for the next tour to be very much more live than the cube set - which will make him do lots more on stage. He will be bringing lots more equipment including lots of seperate synths
  7. He also wants to create a "tour studio" which will be a trailer type thing which will contain equipment with which he can continue to work on his tracks with, as opposed to just his macbook
  8. He expressed how if he were to make a new music video, it would have to be very well done.
I still can't wait for new music, and to see his new tour. The first show where this will all be tested will be at Lollapalooza festival in Chicago on the 7th August.

In mau5itup news, I personally am trying to cut down on the amount of flash objects on the site in posts. Alot of content with deadmau5 obviously relies on YouTube, but it is more visually pleasing to have links sometimes, and cuts down on memory usage.

Stay tuned, Psylark

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  1. It's going to be called Expert Griefers?

    And yes, the track structure makes it blatently a vocal track. Seems empty at the moment (as far as a deadmau5 track can sound empty) :P