Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deadmau5 - Where Are My Keys / Don't Forget the Paperwork

Been a while since the last update, right? Well, let's get 2 tracks down in one go.

First one I can't believe I didn't blog it as soon as it came through, it was played at the Ministry of Sound afterparty after LED Festival on the 11th of June. I wasn't there, but for this I wish I was.

Where Are My Keys. This new unreleased track was played at the party, and was posted on YouTube by a kind person, and deadmau5 commented on the video himself, confirming the name. The original video has since been taken down however another one still exists.

It definitely shows Deadmau5 slowly progressing into different directions, but manages to keep that Deadmau5 feel to it which is always recognisable.

Click on the image to see the video.

Next up isn't really new - it's the song that many of you may know as Industrial Strength Sleeping Pills.

On the new Earl's Court DVD (that I in the UK won't be getting) this track is listed as "Don't Forget the Paperwork.". Meanwhile a high quality version of this track sharing this name popped up on a channel which is supposed to be mau5trap records (with some debate surrounding that). The track itself on this channel is a bit of a mashup of the various versions of Sleeping Pills that appeared on soundcloud. It also states that this track is "Coming 2011". Yes please.

I can say I have definitely missed this track, it got dropped out of Deadmau5' live sets and that's a shame.

Meanwhile, Deadmau5 is coming to the end of his European tour, with Exit Festival still to come with a few other shows. Then it looks like he's going to have a fortnight break...Then back to his American Meowingtons Hax tour...with a new production.

Meanwhile for mau5trap, it looks like SOFI and Skrillex's "Bring out the Devil" will be released soon - as on SOFI's facebook "shootin a vid for it tomorrow:) this summer. promise."
So I guess this will be released soon, probably with a music video.


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