Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Soundcloud / Youtube stuff / Chris Lake - Sleepwalker released

Deadmau5 likes Minecraft. He's done a few pieces for it - and also a few other tracks too. They mostly come from Soundcloud. Now I've finally found out how to embed these players...


This one was a track described by deadmau5 on facebook in production to be "the song to one up strobe." here's a WIP version.

The song is of course a reference to his own video:

Here's a nice little tune from recently...oh, a cool video too.

And also just a reminder...Bad Selection is released on iTunes this sunday and a new tune from Chris Lake called Sleepwalker has recently been released on mau5trap...

Chris Lake - Sleepwalker

Juno Download (coming soon)

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  1. I just love the part with meowingtons and his tail=P