Monday, August 16, 2010

Upcoming collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner / MTV VMAs / Dynamik

Alot of this post's news comes from MTV...

Deadmau5 as House artist for MTV VMAs

First of all, MTV have confirmed deadmau5 as the house artist for this year (2010)'s Video Music Awards.

A quote from the article from deadmau5 himself -

"Dance wasn't always considered pop, and people like Lady Gaga and [David] Guetta and those guys really brought it out to the commercial market," he said about bringing his sound to the masses. "I'm just getting a lot more fans and God bless it, and that's the goal of being an artist is to get yourself heard by any means possible."

Wolfgang Gartner

The next article revealing mau5 news from MTV...

In about a couple of months, we should see a collaboration from Wolfgang Gartner and Deadmau5. These 2 artists have often been compared, so it is fitting that we should see a collaboration from both.

As some landmark songs from Wolfgang Gartner, try Conscindo, or Wolfgang's 5th Symphony.

I don't think we need to discuss landmark Deadmau5 songs. :)

Quote from article:

"His newest release, "Undertaker," is a dark and sinister house anthem that sounds like an homage to Deamau5's hit "Ghosts n' Stuff," so it's only fitting that Gartner had some exciting news to share with us: "I just did a track with Deadmau5 that should be out in the next couple of months, which I'm really happy with. It was a really fun one. And there are a couple other collaborations that aren't done yet, so I shouldn't mention them just in case, ya know, they never get finished!""


As you can never do too much advertising for deadmau5 and his label...Here is a track from Michael Woods (remixer of Strobe and I Said) on mau5trap, which came out today (16th August). Also comes with a remix from label mate Moguai.

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