Saturday, August 28, 2010

New collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner previewed - ANIMAL RIGHTS / Radio 1 Show

So, the big news has come out on Radio 1. Vernon Kay shortly interviewed him and revealed that he has a cold. That isn't the big news.

What was revealed to be the big news was that Deadmau5 will be linking up with Radio 1 in Glasgow on December 17th.

Also talked about in the interview with Deadmau5 - "I used to work for stock music companies that made stock music for commercials and stuff...I was composer for hire."

Here is the full show for Creamfields 2010. The part with Deadmau5 is from 0:38:30.

The new single from Deadmau5 was the collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner, the name of the song is Animal Rights.

(A song name decided by Wolfgang)

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner - Animal Rights


You will also see the link for the full show on the BBC website and when to listen.

It sounded like the perfect combination of the two artists. Made me think of Fire Power from Wolfgang and Ghosts n Stuff from Deadmau5.

Any way it is likely you will see this song shoot up the electronic charts soon :)


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