Saturday, December 6, 2008


Now obviously you can tell that there is nothing much to see on this wonderful blog of mine. haha

Well in case your curious of what this blog is for, read along..

I plan to make this blog for everything Deadmau5. News, information, releases, and official links to his music on iTunes. I originally planned to have this as a place to show all of Deadmau5 's releases but because majority are on I wanted to have links to the beatport links..

But because I do not know how to do that, or even know if it is possible, I have decided just to post what is available to purchase on iTunes. Now this is a big compromise, I know, but I still hope to post everything available there, even though it is a much shorter list compared to what is available on beatport.

Why do this you may ask? I know sometimes people find a new artist, say Deadmau5, and know little to what he is about, or what he has released. I am making this blog (mostly) for people to find out about Deadmau5, and learn more about him. But that doesn't mean that this blog is only for people who don't know Deadmau5, it's for anyone who loves Deadmau5, including me!

So stay tuned, and enjoy the free content! :)

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