Thursday, April 19, 2012

Listening Is Back

Sorry for the absence guys n gals, life has kept the three of us busy and we've missed tons of mau5 news of which you most likely already know. Over the next few days I plan to make that up to you by posting whatever has been missed. :) As you can see with this video posted not even an hour ago, we finally get a cool view of the mau5 nest (that's not even the proper term is it?). Anyone recognize those mice at 0:59? For those wondering, no, neither of the tracks played are the exclusive Pete Tong is teasing us with. The first track is Blast Wave (Original Mix) by Al Bizzare and the second is Brass Rail (Original Mix) by Micky Slim. You'll be sure to hear the new track when it shows up on the net tomorrow, and we'll have it here. To hold you over, please enjoy an unofficial Strobe remix that's been on my repeat for awhile now.

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